9 Ways to Measure Your Brands Social Media Health


Here is a post written by Jaqueline Zenn, the director of Social Media Strategy at SociaLogic, on the importance of social media health. Here she outlines 9 great tips on ways to measure this, and above all- why you should care!

… 3. Engagement: The overall number of times a user talks to your brand on social sites.

Why You Should Care: You can push out all the content in the world, but if no one cares to reply or discuss then what’s the point? Social media is a conversation, after all. The more highly engaged your followers and fans are, the more likely they are to be brand-loyalists, or become influencers and evangelize your products or services on their own personal networks.

4. Interaction Per Post: The number of replies or comments you receive on a given post, tweet, or update.

Why You Should Care: Similar to the engagement metric, the more times a user makes the effort to comment or reply, the more likely it is that they will grow to care about your brand and what you have to say. 

Click here for the link to the full article.

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