What Does Google Know That You Don’t?


“The Average Canadian Household Has

4 Radio or Music Listening Devices with an Average Number of Channels Exceeding 43

3 Televisions with an average of 100+ stations or specialty channels to view

..but only ONE mailbox”

Digital or internet marketing and all of its potential offshoots like email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing and others seems to be all you hear about these days.

Marketers repeatedly tell us that the “Yellow Pages” are dead and that everyone is either searching on Google or hanging out on Facebook…

…and while many businesses may be seduced into investing in online marketing because it’s affordable and offers plenty of leverage, they fail to realize that shared media products remains the best way to reach your customers and grab their attention with minimal distractions.

  • The fact is, when people are hanging out on Facebook – they’re not in the mood to buy.
  • When people are searching for your services on Google they also have dozens, if not thousands of other merchants to compare against.

With people becoming increasingly frustrated by the amount of email hitting their inbox, they are more open to receiving shared media products delivered to their front door.

As other businesses are tempted to go online with their promotions (and getting lost in the shuffle) those who are ramping up their efforts with shared media products are finding an even less-cluttered mailbox awaiting them.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Google. It’s a fact that high-tech Google uses low-tech shared media products to sell its pay per click and Google Places advertising media!

When presented in a compelling way with the right offer – people are more likely to view and respond to your shared media products marketing message since there is far less distractions compared to a message delivered online.

Direct Response Media Group has been helping clients to “own the mailbox” for over 15 years. With our expertise and professional graphics team, we can help you craft and deliver an offer that offers a high ROI for as little as a penny per household.

When you’re ready to get shared media products working for you, DRMG can offer you the best and most affordable shared media products solutions in Canada with guaranteed distribution from Canada Post.

Contact Us Now to generate customers and increase sales with shared media products.

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