Give Your Business a Valentine’s Day Gift

For most, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for people to show someone (or many people) just how much there are loved. As business owners, our “true” love is for our business, often started from scratch and nurtured every day until it starts to give us something we also love…income. Give your business the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift…and it’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Using shared media products marketing, we can create an ad for your business that will end up in the hands of thousands of your potential customers. If done properly, it could produce something you will REALLY love…Sales!

At Direct Response Media Group we produce all types of shared media products content, but our most popular (and cost effective) format is called co-op mailing. Essentially, co-op ad mailers take ads from many businesses (but none of them competing with each other) and package them together to ship out in bulk. Using this format, we can get our clients ads into their customer’s mailboxes for as little as a penny a household.

We do co-op mailing in a number of different formats, but our most recognizable way is via the Moneysaver Magazine. This is a magazine that we publish 10 times a year and send to literally millions of homes across the country. We have dozens of specific geographic zones and each one will include ads from local businesses, and ads from national advertisers like Pizza Pizza and Mr. Sub.

By advertising your business in the Moneysaver Magazine, your business will get exposure with thousands of potential customers living in your actual trade area for penny’s per household and get the instant credibility of advertising side by side with some of the biggest brands in the country.

Show your business some real love by getting in front of your customers on a regular basis with Direct Response Media Group. It will be the best Valentine’s Day gift you have ever given your business.

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