The Secret To Increasing Your Marketing Returns by 20%

Everyone is looking for the next big marketing secret to increase their company’s awareness, thereby increasing their leads. The past few years the marketing world has been turned upside down with new marketing strategies that marketers would have never dreamed of 5-10 years ago. We’re talking about SEO, social media marketing, pay per click ads and content marketing. Those strategies are all effective in their own right, but what if I told you the secret to increasing your marketing returns is not really a secret but something that is right under your nose and has been in existence for years? The secret to increasing your marketing returns is shared media products. With new marketing technologies emerging, the old traditional methods are falling by the way side; however research has shown that when combining shared media products with other marketing activities, your marketing returns can increase by up to 20%.

An ExactTarget study conducted by Ball State University revealed that although Email plays an important role in marketing to consumers, shared media products is still the dominant purchase driver for various types of customers. 70% to 90% of survey respondents made a purchase based on receiving shared media products – for all age groups, so don’t ignore the young tech savvy demographic in your shared media products campaigns.

As discussed above from previous research, shared media products can make your business very successful. Do you see the above picture that accompanied this post? The picture shows two envelopes and that is what is currently happening in the mailing industry. Many people either pay their bills online, use direct deposit or use Emails instead of snail mail. It’s advantageous for you, as a business owner to use shared media products because there is less snail mail going into people’s doggy doors. Meaning in that picture one of the envelopes could be a hydro bill and the other one will be your targeted shared media products piece.

The one issue with shared media products is the rising cost to produce and deliver shared media products pieces to your target market. That is why it is crucial to find a company that is the industry leader in producing effective shared media products campaigns. The industry leader has years of experience and knowledge and can help struggling business owners to get the results they want through highly efficient, targeted and relevant messages that offer your potential customers solutions to their problems.

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