Gmail’s New Tab Format is a Win for Shared Media Products

How Shared Media Products benefits from Google’s New Gmail Change

If you are a regular user of Gmail (and in today’s age even companies are using the Gmail client for their company Email addresses) then you have noticed that Google has made a big change to their Gmail interface. Google has recently introduced tabs which separates your Email into five folders: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.

In brief, below are the definitions for each tab.

Primary Folder – Person to Person Messages

Social – All your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media network updates go in here.

Promotions – Marketing Emails

Updates – Auto-Generated Emails such as Bills, Receipts and auto-confirmation Emails

Forums – Updates from places such as online groups, discussion groups and forums

There’s been an ongoing debate whether this is good change or a bad change for Email users; however from looking around in the online landscape, the majority of Email marketers believe that this is bad for their Email marketing campaigns. Email marketers believe that with this setup their Email marketing materials will be ignored by users and their open rate will see a dramatic decrease and they are right.

Data collected by MailChimp showed that Email open rates for Email marketing dropped for three consecutive weeks after the introduction of Gmail Tabs.

Although the stats don’t look promising, we won’t know for sure how Email marketing will truly be affected with Gmail’s new tab feature for at least awhile.

One thing is for sure, it will be a lot harder to use the “spray and pray” approach to Email marketing as companies and agencies now need to create highly engaging content that peeks people’s interests and makes them want to move your E-mail address to the primary tab so they don’t miss a beat.

So how is this a win for shared media products? If the trend continues of decrease open rates due to Gmail’s new tab function, than shared media products will be more effective compared to Email Marketing in the long term if it hasn’t already, thanks to all the spammers online.

Think about this for a second, the Gmail tabs is a major change and it has already changed our results from our Email Marketing campaigns, but what if there are more changes in the future that we don’t know about.

As long as Google controls the largest Email client in the world with the largest amount of Email users, we will always have to play by Google’s rules. That means continually changing our Email strategy to be in Google’s good graces, requiring more time and more money.

While for shared media products nothing ever really changes. You pick an area you want to distribute in and the mailman distributes around your chosen area. The prices may change, but the dynamics and system won’t.

And of course your shared media products piece will get more face time with consumers as your pieces won’t be put in some hidden tab that people will rarely check.

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