Canada Post Taking Initiatives to Promote Shared Media Products

A lot of small Canadian businesses are slowly ditching their Shared Media Products marketing strategies and investing more into digital marketing.

Canada Post on the other hand has other ideas. In the article below, Canada Post is trying to encourage homeowners to accept junk mail into their mailbox.

Canada Post asks Canadians to start accepting junk mail

Shared Media Products has evolved considerably, and there are all kinds of offers made through unaddressed ad mail, and some people actually like it,” said Canada post in a report. But not everybody wants the mail, according to 

In the second article below, Canada Post is partnering up with various marketing agencies to educate them on how shared media products is still an effective marketing channel for their clients.

Canada Post launches an agency workshop series » strategy

Jennifer Campbell, general manager of direct marketing strategy, Canada Post, says this marks Canada Post’s first concerted effort to build more long term ties with agencies, although it has been working with individual 

At DRMG we’ve already established a digital marketing division in our company to combine the best of both worlds for our clients.

For more information on our digital properties click here.

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