The Results Are In: Shared media products is Here to Stay

Shared media products is one of the oldest, most romantic means of communication. Long before our hand held devices it was the only the way to pass along knowledge or a message. Of course back then it was a lot slower sending and receiving communications back to when the saying, patience is a virtue, actually meant something. What a kooky thought; the act of waiting when you simply do not want to. This idea does not register with some because of our fast paced lives where time and space is cut down to seconds, rather than weeks and months.

Although, we have mobile devices to keep us in the know of whatever we want whenever we want, majority of people still appreciate receiving shared media products. There’s nothing like having something physical and solid to hold in your hands to read and keep.

Direct Response Media Group understands this notion and uses this tradition to market your message and vision to your clients. Canada Post reported that 95% of Canadians open and read their mail the day they receive it, which is a 3% increase from 2007. Although, not quite a love letter, we believe that shared media products is something that will continue to reach the masses by its oldest tradition of communications. It is too easy to ignore that email, or text, but having a message encased in an envelope or in a glossy magazine attracts home and business owners.

From our fifteen years of experience we have collected some research and facts of our own:

  • 72.5% of consumers use shared media products advertising to buy products and / or services
  • 81% of Canadians are likely to discard unopened email
  • 9 out of 10 people state they are more willing to open shared media products if it looks interesting
  • Canadians prefer shared media products as opposed to all other forms of advertising
  • 87% of all potential customers open shared media products
  • 75% of customers pay greater attention to shared media products compared to other advertising mediums
  • 83% of all households actively clip and use coupons

Shared media products is an outstanding channel to attract new customers and show appreciation to your regular customers for sticking by you throughout the years with bonuses and specials.


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