Get Creative With Your Shared media products Marketing Campaigns

Leading marketers know that effective reach is all about coming up with the appropriate channel mix for today’s segmented audience.

Canada Post launched a pretty creative campaign in the summer that consisted of, get this- a tube and a ball and asking Canada’s lead ad agencies to make not only a video, but a good video that will be voted on to win a prize.  Sounds pretty exciting right? Well, the simplicity of the whole idea received impressive results and reinforced that shared media products is a powerful anchor for a successful integrated marketing campaign.

The experiment:

Canada Post sent out 1,083 non-branded packages to some of Canada’s leading ad agencies, which held a response rate of 83% of those agencies going to a website to follow further instructions.

The instructions stated to create a video using the items; a ball and a tube, and the winning video will be granted bragging rights and a monetary prize to a charity of their choice.

A split follow up campaign was then sent out to the participating percentage, 660 received a shared media products piece and 363 received an email reminder of the closing date of the contest and to share and invite others to vote for their videos.

The results:

In the end, the shared media products recipients had accounted for over 1,600 unique visitors to the site where users spent on an average of 4 minutes engaging in the contest; voting, sharing, commenting on videos.

Conclusion and Analysis:

So this is all very interesting and cool, but what to take away from this case study are all the factors that lead to how exactly shared media products aided in creating an impressive 150% response rate to the site?

Canada Post reported on these items:

  • An intriguing design and packaging for the actual piece of physical mail
  • Targeted recipients instead of a “spray ‘n pray” approach
  • A fun call for action that appealed to philanthropic, creative and competitive motives
  • Lift follow-up with an easy call for action (vote)
  • shared media products can easily be handled/seen by more than one person.

See the full case study to find out how mail, when used as part of a well-planned cross-media campaign, has the power to intrigue, engage and drive people to take action.

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