Take a Step Back and Think

It may be obvious to suggest thinking  and planning out your campaign before you put something into market, but there is more to just sitting down and writing out what you are going to do. Before heading into the boardroom to bang ideas off team members and drinking a pot of coffee on those late nights, it may be best to take a step back and consider different elements to your campaign like functionality and usability, knowing your audience, your strategy and streamlining your message.

Firstly, functionality- while it is fantastic that you want to integrate things like QR Codes and blogs to your campaign, are they placed where your audience can see them and understand their purpose? Remember, your probably not talking to marketing professionals, so make it clean and simple. Make the call to action as prominent as your message. This ties into knowing your audience.

Not everyone seeing your ad is a tech-savvy teenager, so ditch the neon colours and the slang and make your audience feel smart with using  language they understand. Confusing your audience will discourage engagement and disheartens user experience.

What is the outcome you want to achieve? What are the steps you and your team are going to take to reach each phase and goal? Sure, getting things into market as fast as possible is good, but only if it has a high conversion rate. Are you making sure that you perfect every design, word, call-to-action, link, message and logo? Are these elements streamlined from your print to your social presence?

Making sure everyone is on the same page is vital, especially as your business grows. For more tips on this subject please refer to Scott Stratton, the author of UnMarketing. 

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