Costume Ideas For Marketers


Happy Halloween!

Marketers may be considered “creatives” or being able to think of great original ideas on the spot, but when it comes to dressing up, we forgot!

However, thanks to HubSpot we have a whole range of last minute Costume Ideas for Marketers to choose from that speak just to us!

Shared media products – Dress up like a guy. If you’re already a guy, congratulations, you’ve completed step one. Cut out speech bubbles and affix them to your clothing. Fill the speech bubbles with things like:

  • “Bangs were a bad idea.”
  • “Your fly is down.”
  • “I see you’ve started using Just for Men gel.”

And there you go. You’re a direct male. Get it?

Pinterest – Print out pictures of food and clothes, and then pin them to yourself with those pins with the colourful balls on the end. The hardest part of this costume is finding a printer.

Instagram – Dress up like a hipster, and hand out graham crackers really, really, fast. Boom. Insta-graham.

Website – Just cover yourself in that fake spider web stuff. You are now a site for webs. If you need some of the fake spider webs, let me know — I overbought this year.

PPC – This is for a group. Cover yourselves in paper and hang out together. You’re a paper clique.

And, of course, if all else fails, just be someone from Mad Men.

For more costumes ideas click here. Happy Halloween from Direct Response Media Group!

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