The Laws of Engagement

It is inevitable that to in order to make a great sale, there has to be an even greater offer presented. The best sales people are the ones that simply, don’t sell, they engage.  Engaging with your audience is the same as an investment; put in the time and energy now, and your stalk will rise in time. It may not be an over night success, but the more nurturing you give a lead, the more ROI you will see. It is sales at its simplest, but the ‘engage now, sell later’ motto should be at the forefront of your sales department.

Not only are you your prospective clients charismatic best friend, but you now have to be their problem solver and business healer.

Whether you are B2C or B2B, there is one common denominator and it is creating a relationship on trust. So how exactly do you engage potential buyers to earn their trust? An article in the Globe and Mail offers their take on the subject and claim that it comes down to three very important principals or the Laws of Engagement they call it; target, value and offer.

These three principals collectively can be accounted for 100% of your marketing success. Lets now look at exactly what each of these power moves mean:

1. Laws of Targeting – If you find more customers like your best customers, you will sell more.

This law states that you must be talking to the ones who will buy. Well, how obvious is that? Apparently not very. Most companies violate this law every day by targeting too widely.  Instead of talking at your audience, talk to your audience. The secret is to identify those prospects who are your best customers, then target them.

2. Law of Value – Your value proposition must be presented in terms of your prospect’s need and viewpoint.

The Law of Value states that in order to engage your prospects, you must talk to them in their language about their problems, and if you have everyone worked in anyone customer service industry, people love talking about their problems.

Identify, and listen to them. What are their problems and how could you possibly fix them? A problem that you appear able to solve. These prospects need a solution, but if you want them to buy the solution from you and not someone else, they need to understand how your product or service can solve it better than the next guy’s . What’s the secret? Frame your message in their terms, not yours. Not “Here’s how great my product is,” but rather “Here’s how your problem can be solved.” They want to know –“What’s in it for me?”

3. Law of the Offer – Your offer must be valuable, timely, and relevant.

The Law of the Offer states that in order to engage your prospects, you must offer them information and insight that will help them better understand their problem or a potential solution to their problem. Your offer, be it information or a webinar, a buying guide, or a white paper, must fit where they are in their decision process. If it doesn’t, you must refine your offer until it does fit. Until you earn you prospects’ consideration, you should dial-down the sales pitch and dial-up your efforts to objectively support them in their quest to resolve their business pain.

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