Treat Your Marketing Like You’re Telling A Story

Marketing campaigns are constructed, in one way or another, to evoke some kind of emotion, and we as marketers strive to connect with our audience in some way through the ads that we write, design, build,  plan, etc. However way we do it, the basic formula is similar to being really good at telling a story.

A great story teller can grab the attention of anyone, whether the content is even something you are interested in, you rarely forget the story. For the reason that today you can essentially put an ad anywhere, even have your ads follow your audience around the internet, it is imperative to tell your story right and exciting the first time.

1. Choose The Title

The title or headline of your ad is like the front cover or the title of the book.  It has to be something that invites curiosity or conversation.

2. Engage In The Body

The bulk of your ad has to offer some solution to a common problem. Like we have said in our previous blogs, you as the marketer are the best friend and problem solver for your client. Your ad must resonate in your audience as something they need and something that will make their job, company, life run a whole lot smoother.

3. The Conclusion

This is your CTA (call-to-action), if your audience likes what they see then you have to guide them to where you want them to go next and where they end up should be an inviting welcoming.

This is just a peak into the window of telling a story through your advertising. Now, take a look at your ad. What is your marketing campaign saying to your audience?

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