Advertising 2014 – What’s Your Resolution?

Happy New Year to Everyone! As marketers we have noticed that the beginning of a new year may be the best optimal time to connect to your existing and potential customers. This is the time people are still into making (and sticking to) those new year resolutions. We’ve all been there and we all do it. Make a plan, repeating that “this year will be different” to ourselves, then three days in we throw in the towel.

The first couple of weeks in January can be quite humorous with new year resolutions. In our office we have all sorts of personalities from the strong type A’s to the silent (but deadly) type B’s, so we see it all. From the extreme weight loss resolutions, to the more humble of resolutions like “listen more”. Whatever the resolution is, there is no denying that there is that voice inside your head that says something needs to change.  Not only should we look what we can change individually, but what we can change collectively.

The Globe and Mail published this great article about what advertisers in 2014 should be looking to change for the new year. They asked their readers and here’s what some had to say, 

Most ads are mindless and irritating these days, with ridiculous characterizations and simply silly writing that is an insult to any half-intelligent person. It seems a race to be the most senseless advertising message. [The best ads] are in a class of their own and are memorable as well as appealing to our emotional intelligence.” Ron Gulka

Resolve to develop and market products that will sell themselves.” William Johnson

For the full article click here and ask yourself, what could be improved in your office?

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