Super Bowl Sunday: Most Important Day for Advertisers


Super Bowl Sunday is about a lot things; jerseys, wings, beer, cheering, men in tights, and most of all the commercials. This is the one day a year that companies shell out millions of dollars to get a 15-30 second ad spot during the game. The commercials during the Super Bowl has collected and created quite the cult following, which is a marketers dream. The ad is basically guaranteed to go viral.

This one Sunday a year has actually created and attracted an audience that isn’t even interested in football. Imagine that. Creating ads so enticing that people that are not even into the main event, and tune in just to see the ads that have been talked about weeks in advance and will be compared to days, weeks, years after. Football has basically taken a secondary seat at its own event, and the commercials and media coverage of the ads have taken precedence.

Do you remember the winning catch from last year’s Super Bowl? Neither do we.

Do you remember when the power blew in the stadium and Oreo jump at the chance to create an ad and Tweeted it? So do we.

Hubspot published an article today stating that “78% of Americans look forward to Super Bowl commercials more than the game. Once the game starts, these folks want to share their excitement and thoughts about the commercials with others: On Twitter, people shared 24.1 million tweets about the 2013 Super Bowl.”

So who will win the game this year? You know which game we’re talking about.

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