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We have heard and witnessed this saying a million times; Content is King. We have also heard and witnessed this next saying a million times; Content is the Devil. It is one of those things that can make or brake your marketing campaign and especially when it comes to connecting with people, you have to hit them where they can relate.

Striking a cord with your audience is difficult when your content gets confusing. You may have heard keep it short and sweet, but the latest studies show in this article that shorter is not always better.

Whilst sticking to the point is always essential, telling a story is being seen as the newest trend in marketing. The times of shouting one liners at your audience in big red letters is no more. People are unfazed by the 20% off starbursts. People are emotional, and although being distracted by bright neon colours used to work, people now want to be acknowledge by, get this- humans beings with emotions! Crazy thought.

Still keep your witty and short jokes, but keep them on Twitter. “Consider not just the initial sale,m but what they [your audience] will do in the next three months, six months or year to come.” –

Read the full article here.

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