2014 Marketing Awards


Direct Response Media GroupIt is award season and it’s not just about bow ties and cocktails. It is about celebrating last years best and brightest in the industry. Marketing is at such an interesting time right now. No longer are people moved or even remotely phased at content that is quick and flashy.

People want to be connected to on some kind of emotional level. Whether it is comedy or tragedy, we are seeing marketing shifting in this way.

This years Marketing Magazine Awards are just over one month away on May 29th and when we were sifting through the shortlist we loved revisiting the ads that stuck out right away. For example, unless you lived under a rock in 2013, you must have seen the Social Farter campaign by Ministry of Health.

The ads worked a tactic that would get your attention, by the “socialness” of smoking, mocking it with a silly ridiculous notion, whilst keeping it simple with the message. It is this cleverness and punch packed content that we are certain the industry will be seeing a lot more of! We wish all of the best to all of the nominees!

For the full list of nominees please click here. What was your favourite?

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