Common Mistakes That Can Ruin a Shared media products Marketing Campaign

If executed properly, direct mailing is often the most effective piece of your marketing that your company can use. Why? Well among a long list of reasons, it delivers strong results and has the power to quickly and efficiently grow your business.

In today’s competitive and fierce business climate it’s critical for marketing campaigns to hit home. But, mistakes happen to best of us and unfortunately, campaigns can easily fall short of delivering desired outcomes.

When mistakes occur, all you can do is look on the bright side….after all, it’s a lesson you can learn from! Here are some of the most common mistakes that can quickly sabotage your shared media products marketing strategy:

Mistake #1: Hiding your call-to-action.

What exactly do you want the outcome to be for this particular marketing strategy? Whatever it is, make sure you identify it and that it’s obvious to the customer! In a nutshell: you want to ensure that your call to action is clear, concise and easy to identify. Without a compelling reason to respond, your audience is most likely going to do nothing.

Mistake #2: A bad offer or even worse, no offer at all.

Making an offer is the foundation of your marketing campaign; it’s something that should attract your audience’s attention and build interest. In order to accomplish this, your offer should be simple, easy to explain and quickly understood. Some examples include the following: offering free samples, a rebate after purchase, a customer appreciation sale, introductory pricing or introductory pricing.

Mistake #3: Using a poor design strategy.

Let’s be honest…if you received a flyer in the mail that lacked creativity and had a poor layout, would be excited to respond? Most likely, not. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating the design for your mail outs, but is important to use some simple layout fundamentals. These include the following: using colourful or striking graphics (after all…a picture does say a thousand words), organizing your page with boxes, borders or contrasting colors, and incorporating white space (to ensure certain elements stand out). Once you have all these elements intact, it’s always a good idea to test your design on others and ask their opinion. You should always make sure you receive positive feedback before sending your mail outs quite literally out the door!

Mistake #4: Disregarding the copy.

It’s really quite simple: state the facts and the benefits and that’s it! Too much copy can be overwhelming, confusing and to be honest, quite obnoxious.For a successful mail out, you want to make sure that your copy is flawless and that it goes through the proper stages of writing, which include: developing the concept, writing a rough draft, rewriting (if necessary), editing and revising.

Mistake #5: Not paying attention to your mailing list.

We saved the biggest mistake for last and we’ve mentioned this before: it’s vital to have a list of customers and prospects who previously bought from you or responded to your ads, public relations campaign, or other mailings. Why are mailing lists so important? Because they target your future customers and pinpoint your best leads. They also result in less waste, because most likely, a higher percentage of prospects responding to your mailing.

Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) is Canada’s largest and fastest growing shared media products marketing company specializing in the design, printing and delivery of effective shared media products advertising. We help our clients in Nova Scotia own the mailbox, generate new customers and increase sales.

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