The Power of Print

Traditional print media has had quite the battle over the last 10 years with the rise of digital, the internet, social media and smart phones. Although there has been a decline in newspaper/print production, the need for shared media products print media remains high, especially in the marketing and advertising industries.

Print is a totally offline experience that allows an individual to hold it, mold it and carry it with them without the restriction of technology and a battery life.

We are constantly seeking the tangible in a digital age and with print you can feel the texture of the paper, turn the pages of a magazine, perhaps the Money Saver Magazine, and truly see the brilliance of the pages. The paper can be any colour, any size and can turn your advertisement into a work of art.

Shared media products (Print) has the ability to engage a person in ways that digital can not. It can stand alone with full impact or work together with your digital efforts in order to create a fully integrated campaign.

Including a QR code on your print advertisement can drive traffic to your web page easily and effectively. Studies have shown that the integration of digital and print advertising campaigns yield up to 25% higher results than restricting your campaign to only digital efforts.

When searching for more credibility shared media products print is your answer. Digital pop-up and banners ads can be extremely overwhelming and can sometimes leave the user with fear that if the ad is clicked it will lead to a virus or scam. When you use a printed shared media products flyer or magazine advertisement there is an amazing opportunity to build your brand’s aesthetic through font, colour choices and the types of images that makes your brand recognizable.

At DRMG we help your business own the mailbox (the physical one and the digital one) and invite your business into the lives of your customers. It’s easier than ever to target your ideal audience and truly strategize an integrated marketing plan.

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