The F – Word In Marketing : Frequency


Great advertising is based on the F – word, no not that one! It’s frequency, frequency, frequency! Frequency is one of the most important elements of a successful advertising campaign. Understanding how many times your target market should be exposed to your advertisement in order to receive a quality response is not always the easiest task.

Your campaign should not be a one time test. Your message needs to speak to your target audience and your timing is crucial. More often than not a company will try using a shared media products campaign and expect immediate results. While this may work on occasion, the reality is that you need to create a campaign that offers the target multiple touch points and opportunities for interaction. Allowing your campaign to have the right frequency will produce results over a period of time and will help you achieve your goal.

When people are repeatedly exposed to a brand and its message, it begins to feel familiar. Repetition builds brand recognition and trust. An advertising campaign that runs over a longer period of time keeps the brand top-of-mind for the target customers, and when the need arises they are most likely to connect with the brands they know and trust. The strongest brands are the ones that are built up over time.

DRMG has been able to help our clients create the perfect timing and frequency for their campaign to activate customers and target the right consumer. There are many clients that we have been assisting to reach this goal that have been with us for over 15 years. Our goal is not only to create an effective advertisement but to also build upon your brand’s message over a period of time and create meaningful messages with your advertisments.


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