Top 5 Elements for a Great Print Ad

For 2015, let’s make a resolution to make better print ads and to make great ads that are guaranteed to get the results your business needs. When creating great print advertisements, there are many elements that can be attributed to their success, so let DRMG make your Shared media products print ad stand out.  Here are the top five components to making a great Shared media products print ad:

  1. Know Your Audience

In order for your flyer to not only look great but also be effective, you need to understand who you are targeting and where they live, breathe, eat and sleep. In an ideal world, you print ad will speak to your customer so quickly that they purchase your product right away. Tools that DRMG offers, such as a precision targeter, can make this more of a reality.


  1. Focus!

When creating your flyer, it’s very important to decide what is going to be your main element of focus – this will be the piece that will grab your potential customers’ attention. The main focus for your shared media products can be your visuals or your eye catching headline. If you choose to focus on the headline, be sure to craft it to list a benefit to the actual customer or share some valuable news.

Visuals are amazing elements to use if you want to grab your customers’ attention. An image that provokes curiosity can be the right focus for your flyer.

  1. Make Your Copywriting Count

If your flyer requires more detail about your product or offer, your attention is equally as valuable on the body copy. Your first sentence is one of the most important parts of your print ad – this is how you will lure the customer in and keep them engaged.

Adding testimonials into your flyer can also be a great way to display your value to the customer and adds credibility. At the end of your copy, be sure to have a great call to action that speaks to your customer and lets them know how to get your offer.

  1. Practice Patience

The production of great creative pieces takes time – from writing and crafting the perfect copy to  forming the perfect visual, patience truly will benefit your flyer. Sometimes what seems like a bad idea one day might appear to be brilliant the next and vice versa. Professional marketers and advertisers tend to write 50 – 200 headlines before choosing the perfect one.

If you want your ad to really represent your company it will take time to craft it to near perfection.

  1. Test, Test and Test Some More!

What you see on a computer isn’t always how it is seen in print. Make sure you see the flyer or print mail piece in the medium it will be sent out on. Testing your ad is as easy as producing a quick test print and it can save you a lot of potential issues.

What are your must do practices when creating your flyers and print ads?

DRMG can help you create the perfect print ad for your business and achieve the results you desire.

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