Ask The Expert : Part 2

Shared media products can be a very important part of your advertising efforts. Understanding your investment in your business is essential to feeling confident in the results you will receive. Our resident expert, Dave Vander Ploeg sat down with us to ensure you have the best knowledge for starting a shared media products campaign.

What do people generally use shared media products for?

DV: We have clients who have used our shared media products services for anything and everything. From product service promotions to promoting an upcoming special events or invitations, these shared media products campaigns complement the media mix that they’re doing in radio, digital and broadcast platforms. It all works together. Some customers can use shared media products as a stand-alone form of advertising while some use it to complete an integrated media plan. It all depends on the size of the advertiser and what results they are looking to get.

What are the fundamental differences between the products that DRMG offers?

DV: DRMG offers multiple products. If we break it down, we offer co-op mail products, solo mail products and digital products.

Our solo mailer is exactly that; you are the only advertiser on that piece of advertising. It’s going out to the exact postal address that you desire it to go to and it is only your marketing message on that piece. The nice thing about this is, you stand out nicely in a mailbox. It has very high impact. It is profiled demographically and psychographically to your customers.

We will walk you to the whole process, from design to print, the marketing message and the distribution footprint. The piece has a large high impact hit when it gets to the customer’s mailbox but you are looking at a more expensive piece of shared media products because you are paying the postage all by yourself.

Our co-op products are a type of advertising that you can use to hit larger target profiless. With co-op, you are sharing the delivery cost with 20 – 30 other advertisers in either our magazine format or our envelope format. With a lot of the same targeting abilities as solo mail, we are able to take a look at where your customers are, their demographic and geographical makeup and pinpoint them on our map. Instead of targeting just 15,000 homes (the minimum solo campaign amount) that may cost the customer an upwards of $3000 to $4000 dollars, you can distribute to 50,000 homes in a similar area covering all of the current homes that we just would have covered for a solo campaign. This would cost the customer approximately $500 dollars.

What we recommend to a lot of our advertisers that come from a solo background is to do some efficiency tests, that is to say test the results of a solo mailer one month and a coop piece the next.

At a fraction of the cost what they can see and measure the two different campaigns, compare their return of investments, compare how the different campaigns did. More often than not, we witness the customers start to migrate more of the coop products. Coop is a cost effective method of advertising that it allows customers to free up other pieces of their budget that can be reinvested into a digital format. Doing so creates a robust marketing program that touches on pretty well everything that they need. Their physical and their digital advertising mediums are looked after this way, all for the same budget.

Thanks Dave! Stay tune for part 3 of our “Ask The Expert” series! Submit your questions in the comments to be featured in our next edition!

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