7 Easy Steps To Integrate Your Campaign

7 Easy Steps To Integrate Your Campaign

Integrated marketing is everything. Having a disconnected campaign can leave your customers confused or have them question the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

In today’s marketing landscape there are many avenues and choices for business to display their message. Bringing together the forces of traditional print advertising and digital advertising can help your business execute a successful campaign.

Step One –  Know Your Audience:

This step is important no matter what type of campaign you are executing. Identifying who you are targeting by demographics and psychographics will help clearly define your company’s messaging for multiple platforms.

Once your target audience is defined you will be able to understand what their motivations are, what newspapers and magazines they read and how they want to be communicated to.

Do they use social media? What are they talking about?

These answers will give you the foundation you need to create your integrated campaign.

Step Two – Pick Your Platform:

Your business does not need to be everywhere. Which platforms do you customers use? Are they glued to the TV, reading the Sunday paper or spending hours on social media? Find the channels that will help your business fulfill their marketing objectives. It will be more effective to focus on channels that will give you the results you need than trying to be everywhere all the time.

Step Three – Consistency Is Key:

Your company’s visual identity is defined by more than just your logo. Creating an overall consistent look and feel, style of photography, logo treatment, font choices and colours are elements that contribute to your companies identity. Any marketing materials that you develop and send into public domain should look as though it came from the same company. If an individual receives your email newsletter and shared media products piece there should be an immediate visual connection with your website or social media platforms.

Step Four – Create Multi-Media Platform Material

It can take three to five impressions for a customers to recognize your brand and marketing message. Your communication to your target audience must be clearly defined and should avoid confusion. No matter what platform you choose to advertise on, your message much be consistent and compelling. A compelling message will always matter.

Ideally, you should be able to create a piece of content that can be used anywhere. If you write a blog post, the content should be able to posted on Facebook, used in a newsletter, tweet a series of inspiring tweets or use the content for a pitch.

Step Five – Make it Integrated:

After you have defined your target market and created your content and messaging you will need to ensure that every element of your campaign will drive traffic to your ultimate goal. Simply adding a Twitter handle to your shared media products can help influence customers to stay connected and understand your message from every angle. Your users names and campaign tags should be as uniform as possible, www.joescoffee.com and @joescoffee allows customers to connect with your brand on the multiply platforms that you are marketing on.

Step Six – Make Sure Your Team Is Working In Sync

When there are multiple people working on your campaigns, it is essential that they are working together to achieve the same goal. The messaging and visuals from all team members must work together.

Step Seven – Track Your Campaigns and Coupons

One of the most important elements of any campaign is to track your results. This is especially true for an integrated campaign, understanding what results you are getting from which avenue is essential. If you are working with a coupon campaign, having a software that digitally creates a barcode and tracks prints allows you to gain valuable data. Analyzing this data will allow you to have a true understanding of what channel you are receiving the most ROI from.

Integrating your campaign is a no brainer. Get started today.

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