Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

The Mobile Reign Is Upon Us

Are you ready for Google’s Mobile Friendly Search Engine Update?

If you thought you could get by with the website you built in 1999 for just a bit longer, Google has some news for you. Today, Google launches its newest and biggest algorithm change, the mobile friendly ranking algorithm. This change is designed to rank mobile friendly site higher in Google’s mobile search results.

The folks at Search Engine Land are calling it mobilegeddon, but sometimes it’s also referred to as mobilepocalysemopocalypse  or mobocalypse. Which ever way you spin it, the question is who will survive and who will be left behind?

Did you know 80% of internet users use their phone to search the internet?!

Don’t fall behind the crowd, get found on mobile and dominate the search engine landscape. Test your site to see whether Google views you as mobile friendly or not here to ensure you won’t be a victim of Mobilegeddon.

Don’t have a mobile friendly website? Let DRMG Surround create one for you!
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