Big Business Tactics for Your Small Business

Every small business has dreams of growing their company into something grand. Big business marketing tactics aren’t just for the large and in charge companies. If you plan on making it big with your business venture these tactics might help your business make a memorable splash. [psst! They also won’t break the bank.]

Be Strategic

Once you understand what your business is at its core, you can begin to truly shape the brand. What do you want to be affiliated with? Who do you want to attract and what is it you want to be known for. Red Bull affiliates itself with the thrill seekers, the extreme sports and the major spectacles of record breaking individuals. It is extremely hard to compete with Red Bull’s budget but the idea is on the right path.

Participate In Real Time Marketing

There is a big trend in the big brand world of tying your marketing campaign in with current events and real time matters. Take for example the power outage at the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo and Coca Cola took to the Twitter stage to connect their messages with the Super Bowl fiasco. Not only was it clever, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Another method is to have your brand participate in the latest viral trend. Remember the ice-bucket challenge? How could we forget. Major brands saw an increase in traffic due to their participation in the cold trend.

Know Your Ranks

While we all may not understand how Google works, we definitely know that there is power in using it to your advantage. For example, when someone is searching for pizza on Google, they will present search results to the user that are most relevant and local to them. There are many factors that go into Google understanding who is the most relevant result. If you understand what results you are being found for and what results you would like to be found for, your team and agency will be able to create content that is shaped around those keywords. This content will allow your business to be found at a much higher rank in google and will provide potential customers with an engaging piece of content that may convert their business.

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