Owning The Digital Mailbox!


Owning The Digital Mailbox

Email marketing can provide you with a bounty of leads! When done correctly, the emails you send to current and potential customers can provide a return on investment that compliments your shared media products campaigns. Here are the top tips for your email marketing campaigns:

  1.  Make Your Offer Known.

Including an offer in your subject line can increase your open rate by up to 50%! Subject lines such as  “Free Shipping When You Spend $50” or “Get 20% OFF Tonight ONLY!” give the receiver an alert to open the email.

  1. Reduce the Clutter.

Less is more when it comes to the font selection of your email. When you reduce your font selection to 3 fonts or less your conversion rate will increase substantially!

  1. Keep Your Call To Action Front and Center.

When your CTA is placed below the fold, 70% of people will not see it! Additionally, repeating your CTA 3 times will also increase your conversation rate.

  1. Keep It Under 650px.

The optimal size for your email campaign is between 500 – 650 pixels wide. If you create an email that is wider than this, the user will be required to scroll left and right to view the content.

  1. Place Your Logo On The Left.

Studies show that users look to the top left for the company’s logo. To ensure our logo has increased visibility, be sure to use the top left side as a placement guide.

  1. Tie Your Emails In With Your Landing Pages.

The copy of your email should fall in line with your landing pages. Additionally, it is wise to keep the design components in line with the landing pages as well. When an individual clicks through your email there should be a seamless connection. Utilizing proper tracking resources to dictate which landing pages and emails are performing at their best is also a recommended practice.

  1. Test!

It is always a best practice to send a coworker a test email before sending your campaign to the masses. Can your co-worker quickly and easily tell what your CTA is? Are they compelled by the subject line? If not, keep working at it!

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