Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Rush

For any business owner – large or small – the holidays can be full of an endless amount of preparation, stress, and planning. Between an influx of customers, to keeping up with supply and demand, this particular time of year can be overwhelming.

But at the same time, the holidays can be full of tremendous opportunity, allowing your business to grow and for you to increase your company’s bottom line.

While you may think that there is plenty of time left to prepare before the busy holiday season rolls around, the reality is: it will be here before you know it!

As the holidays approach, here are some preparation tips that you should take into consideration to ensure your company remains prosperous and successful:

Know your customer and determine what they need

The first step to preparing for a busy holiday season is knowing who your best customer is & where they live in your local trade area. What is their demographic? What is their purchase behavior? What are their lifestyle habits? Where they are most concentrated in your city and where are they not residing?  Where do you best target your message!?

All of this information is useful in determining who will be interested in your products or services. And once you know this information, you will benefit from it; you won’t be wasting any time or money by trying to sell your product to those who aren’t interested, or to those won’t be a prospective customer in the future.

Prepare and execute a shared media products marketing campaign

Once you understand your customer a little bit better (and where they live in your trade area(s)), you can then start working on your marketing efforts. Shared media products is an effective way to reach new potential customers by the masses.

The holidays are a great time to take advantage of shared media products marketing. It is fast, cost effective and customizable. Not to mention, while many customers are bombarded with email messages, online offers, and online newsletters during the holiday season, they will likely remain more receptive to your direct mailing efforts. (By physically touching a piece of mail, they are more likely to see it as ‘reliable’).

Offer a sale or promotional offer

Sales and promotions will help attract customers and increase the amount of interest in your products or services. Effective offers for shared media products include: a free consultation, product sample, demonstration, catalogue, etc.

If you choose to highlight your special offer in your shared media products marketing campaign, make sure it is well thought out. You want to ensure its attention grabbing and will entice the reader to respond.

Optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly

This is especially important if you include your website information on your shared media products flyer. The last thing you want to do is miss out on future holiday sales because your site is not optimized properly. Pay careful attention to your analytics from last year – that way you can predict the minimum amount of traffic your website will receive this year. Also, do a crawl of your website and fix 404 errors and broken links.

Remember: if you choose to not optimize your site, it can create a negative experience for the customer, putting your company’s reputation at risk.

So there you have it: four effective ways to prepare for the busy holiday season that’s upon us. If you need help or assistance with your shared media products marketing campaign or preparing your company’s marketing efforts for the busy months ahead, DRMG can help.

Get a quote or contact us today.

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