4 Innovative Shared Media Products Campaign Strategies That Are Game Changers

shared media products marketing has not lost its impact despite the increase in the use of digital marketing techniques which of course have had a considerable impact on the way companies both compete and market their products. There are a number of shared media products marketing campaigns that are effective and should be used by companies which use shared media products marketing as one of their preferred options.


The personal touch to your shared media products marketing campaign efforts

The first of these is personalizing your shared media products marketing as this really does steal the mind, heart and purse or wallet of a potential buyer. There is nothing better for getting a sale than sending out promotional information with a personalized sales letter attached. It seems very obvious that buyers really want businesses to know them; however it’s proven that you should start a conversation with your customers – not lecture at them.

Big data is the information you can gain about your likely customer base and businesses are discovering more and more ways of getting access to this type of data. The more information you can gain about your customer base the easier it is to custom design a marketing campaign to suit each customer individually. Statistics indicate that 86 percent of consumers state that retail purchasing is influenced by personalized marketing.


Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is catching on as an important method of reaching buyers on different levels, based on both emotion and logic. shared media products marketing campaigns should incorporate more brand stories which include testimonials written by real buyers. These stories help to bridge the gap between you the seller and your customer the buyer. When they receive your shared media products advertising it’s the feedback from happy customers that urges them to buy your products. This can of course be linked to your social media page where happy customers load their positive comments.


shared media products marketing campaigns unite with digital marketing campaigns

No one denies the power of digital marketing even if it is not quite the same as shared media products marketing where the printed material remains on the kitchen table until it finds its way to the trash or a potential buyer reacts positively to the material. There is no need to remember the right webpage as all the details of the product and order information is staring you right in the face. However, with the increase of internet linked smart phone use product information is available at the fingertips for a potential buyer. It only takes bookmarking a page on the smartphone and ease of re-entry to the website is greatly enhanced.

The most up to date knowledgeable marketer will not let either dominate but will make use of the best features of advertising provided by the two tools. A good starting point is if you are not already doing this is to include your website and email address on your shared media products material. This draws a potential buyer to your website when sometimes ordering is simpler than making a call from a shared media products advertising flyer.

Social media is in the forefront of digital marketing these days so your business’s Twitter or Facebook internet address should be clearly written on your shared media products material. Once one of your potential customers’ logs on and he or she sees that tongues have been wagging about how good your products are a sale will be made and more positive feedback will be given.

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Women as important buyers should be part of any shared media products campaigns

In 2014, women were allegedly responsible for 85 percent of household purchases. They may have spent the money themselves or persuaded someone else to provide the money. They also often exert control of the household and family budget. Shared media products marketing tactics should be more focused on the female consumer, whether it’s selling health care products, automotive gadgets or footwear.

Seeing a few female faces on shared media products marketing material could see an increase in sales. Women are very sensitive to what they see other women want, so in order to try and sell a kayak to a female it should have a female seated in the kayak not a male.


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