Three Signs Your Business Needs Direct Mail


There’s a simple rule in business: if you want to stand out and be noticed you have to be different. It used to be that taking your marketing online was the way to get noticed, but as the Internet and online marketing bombards our inboxes and browsers with pop up ads, it gets harder to leave the pack behind.

In 1971 the average Canadian was exposed to 560 ad messages per day, today that number is closer to 5000. And the number of ads a person receives per day in the mail? Just two.

Maybe it’s time to think about direct mail marketing and why your business needs it.


  1. You don’t get enough foot traffic for your business

Reaching potential customers is important. Direct mail marketing gives your business the advantage of connecting with customers who may not stumble upon your business organically. It’s also a great way to bypass the old adage that location is everything.

There are 35 billion people in Canada and 13 million addresses which dramatically increases your company’s reach. By adding direct mail marketing to your advertising strategy you are increasing your reach not only to people who may not use the Internet (although, let’s face it, those numbers are dwindling) but also to people who are desensitized to it.


  1. Not enough brand awareness

Your website works hard for your business, it’s the perfect place for customers to find out more about your company, but just like foot traffic, people need to know where to find you. Direct mail is the best way to create brand awareness, especially considering Canadians are 88% more likely to recall something they’ve received in the mail and much more likely to refer back to a flyer than an email.

Direct mail gives you an opportunity to get potential customers familiar with your brand before they even venture onto your website.


  1. Not enough direct website traffic and online conversions

Brand awareness isn’t always enough, nor is just getting a consumer to your website. Once they’re there, you want them to hang around and get to know your company. Even better, they may become a loyal customer and brand ambassador.

Direct mail gets results you won’t see online. The conversion rate for direct mail is 1.20% compared to .03% for email and .22% for paid search. For existing customers, that number is even higher since 94% of Canadians will open mail that is from an organization they know.

Direct mail does more than provide the same call to action your customers see online. Instead, direct mail offers a tactile connection to your company that doesn’t exist in the digital world. It allows you to introduce yourself in a manner that is no longer considered the norm.

Direct marketing is constantly evolving, just like online advertising. It’s not just about sending flyers or coupons in the mail, it’s about getting to know your potential clients and pushing past all the spam in their inboxes, beyond the ads that line the sidebar of web browsers. Direct mail is about reaching out in a way that gets your business noticed.


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