Four Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Your Direct Mail Response

While choosing the right audience for your direct mail campaign is important, so is creating the right design, accounting for 30 per cent of the campaign’s impact. What type of mailer you choose, the pictures, colours and fonts all have an impact on whether your piece will land on someone’s counter instead of in their recycling bin.

When designing your marketing package there are four actions that need to happen for your piece of direct mail to be successful:


  1. Your direct mail needs to get noticed

The first and most important action is standing out. Is your piece of mail designed in such a manner that distinguishes it from the other envelopes and flyers in the recipient’s mail box? One of the best ways to get noticed is by choosing a mailer template with a different look and feel to it.

Colours are another great ‘stop and look at me’ factor since the colour you choose has the ability to create an emotional response. For instance, red is a very powerful colour which is why it’s often used for warning signs. Orange is a most often associated with stimulating mental activity while blue is a calming colour that is most closely connected to trust.

Imagery, more than anything else in design, makes us stop and pay attention. If you’re using common images that are typically seen everywhere, or sticking with a cliché, prepare to have your mailer tossed.


  1. Your direct mail needs to get opened

Once you’ve got avoided the instant ‘recycling bin toss’, you need your recipient to go a step further and open your piece of mail. Make an offer they can’t refuse. Your offer should be relevant, enticing and one of the first things the potential customer sees when they pick up your piece.

Your offer will depend on your objectives for the campaign, but it needs to be something worthwhile. Are you offering a free gift? A discount? A sample to a new product? Make it clear that the recipient will be rewarded for opening your mailer.


  1. Your direct mail needs to get read

Once your piece of direct mail is opened you need to ensure your offer is easy to follow and keeps them hooked throughout.

Create a clean layout with typography that is easy to read. Headlines should be bolder and larger than the body text, which should never be less than a 12pt font. The call to action or offer must be easy to find or your piece will end up in the trash pretty quickly.


  1. Your direct mail needs to elicit a response

There needs to be a clear actionable P.S. or call to action at the end of your mailer. How can they get this offer? What do they need to do? Provide at least three different ways to contact your business (either by phone, website/email or walk-in). You should also offer incentives for early responders and have a deadline for the offer, it creates an urgency that will encourage them to act before your piece gets buried under tomorrow’s mail.


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