The Power of Integrated Marketing

Every few years, almost in the blink of an eye, the world changes. The technology we use and the way we interact with it has changed so much in the last decade that the same marketing tactics don’t work anymore. Like the marketplace and consumers’ perceptions of business, you as a company have to evolve how you promote your brand in order to stay relevant in this ever changing world.  

Integrated marketing merges the old and new way of reaching your audience. The goal is to increase brand awareness across multiple platforms using traditional and modern marketing tools that will get your brand noticed in a positive way. Integrated marketing is not just about reach, however. It’s also aimed at unifying your brand message across all platforms. Some of these platforms may include:

  • Outdoor ads
  • Commercials
  • Direct mail
  • Email blasts
  • Blogs
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) on your website
  • User-generated content

These are just a few of the areas in which you can integrate your marketing. But this doesn’t mean you should just send out the same message across the board and hope the customers come flying in. Your strategy, while unified, should also be tailored for each platform.

Integrated marketing should unify your marketing strategy, but you can’t simply replicate the same look and feel across your different marketing platforms. You need to stay consistent with the message while tailoring the message to the platform. One company that achieved a tailored marketing campaign is Snickers with their, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign.

Snickers was able to relate to their customers with something everyone has felt before, being cranky when you’re hungry. This message was then used in several different ways, including commercials with Joan Collins and a very smart social media gimmick, which had a few celebrities send tweets that weren’t in character.

Even if you have a consistent message and integrated delivery, you need to get your customers and fan base onboard as well —your appeal has to speak to people. A great example of this is Kraken Rum. Their tagline, “Release the Kraken” is integrated into everything they do —an invitation to customers and fans of the brand to release their quirkiness. In Brooklyn the company painted a giant mural with a life sized Kraken on the side of a building and invited people to Instagram pictures of themselves next to it with the hashtag #KrakenHugeness. Not only is this a great way of creating brand awareness by getting people involved in a fun activity that includes their tagline, they’ve used social media in the best way possible, getting others to spread word of mouth for free.

GoPro is another example of a company that is brilliantly taking advantage of user-generated content to spread brand awareness. They even used the GoPro video of a firefighter rescuing a kitten in one of their commercials, which won them one of the top ads of the year, and demonstrated their tagline, “Be a Hero,” to perfection.

Nobody wants to be sold to. It is this simple fact that makes integrated marketing so powerful. If done right, your advertising will fade into the background because it will merge seamlessly with the broader message of your company.

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