5 Channels You Should Be Advertising Online

Online advertising is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Think of iconic, universally recognised brands like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. All four generate most of their revenue through advertising sales. In fact, it is reported that about 95 per cent of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising. In the United States, Internet advertising generates $194.5 billion in revenue annually.

Online advertising is effective for businesses of all sizes. To maximise your online advertising you should focus on the most effective channels, combined with proven offline methods like shared media products marketing, including:

  1. Your Website

Your website is your most important digital property. It is the best way for customers to learn about your company, your products, and your brand. Unfortunately, one of the most difficult aspects of online marketing is getting your customers to your site.

Using shared media products to spread brand awareness is a reliable way to drive customers to your website. New technology has also begun to merge the offline and online worlds. Writing your URL on shared media products marketing materials is obviously highly recommend, but you can go further. Consider including direct referrals through printed materials using QR codes. Recipients simply have to scan the QR code with their smartphone or tablet, and are then are taken directly to the online address of your choice.  

  1. Facebook

According to The National Post, in 2013 Canadians used Facebook at a rate that was “higher than both the global and U.S. averages.” That means that more than 19 million Canadians are on Facebook, with four million checking their newsfeed every day.

Few businesses can afford not to be on Facebook. It facilitates greater engagement with your clients and can be a huge boost to other offline marketing efforts. For example, use shared media products to reach out to clients, and then encourage them to provide feedback on Facebook.

  1. Twitter

Shared media products is also effective at driving traffic to Twitter. Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to directly reach and engage with your customers. Shared media products marketing, email marketing, traditional and online ads are all generally one-way communication methods, with the message going from you to the client. Social media channels like Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to have two-way conversations.  

  1. Google

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are two of the best online methods of driving customers to your website, but how will your clients know what to search to find you? Use proven techniques like shared media products marketing to spread brand awareness and generate interest. Compare your shared media products marketing campaign against visitors to your website and you’ll see a spike in search activity.

  1. Email marketing

Like shared media products marketing, email marketing reaches your potential clients directly. Unfortunately, the statistics for email marketing show that it is often not read as frequently, or for as long as shared media products. Also, consider the fact that shared media products (such as flyers) aren’t simply deleted, and don’t get buried in an inbox. They sit on counters or on fridges – where they can be just as effective a month later. shared media products and email marketing should be used in conjunction, to target different (or overlapping) demographics. Email marketing can also be a great way to announce that shared media products materials (like coupons) will be delivered, or as a reminder to follow up a shared media products campaign.

The key to any successful marketing campaign is to integrate a number of different strategies into your overall approach. Direct mail and email marketing are excellent channels to use in conjunction with online advertising methods. When you execute a holistic marketing approach, you’ll expand your reach and get more out of your marketing dollar.

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