10 Ideas for Your Next Marketing Campaign

The need to adapt is both the challenge and joy of marketing. Updating your marketing strategies can distinguish you from competitors and keep existing customers engaged. Shared media products is a dynamic, adaptable method of reaching your target demographic in a creative and engaging way. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

1)  Be comprehensible at a glance.  Make the most of your customer’s first look. Hook them with an understandable tagline or graphic and chances are they will keep reading. Create something really unique and build a buzz around your business. Include instructions to turn your flyer into a kite, format it as a comic, try anything that you think is fun and reflects your product.

2) Make your mailer useful. Instead of including a gift with your mailer, make your mailer a gift itself. Printing business info on a fridge magnet or a notepad for shopping lists is another way to get people to interact with your mailer and keep your brand top of mind.

3) Give product Samples. Again this adds value to your message. Including a free sample lets people try your product without even leaving their home.  

4) Offer a deal. Coupons are tried and true. They provide value to customers and creates a sense of urgency. The valid until date encourages customers to visit more frequently within that time period. Be smart with your coupon codes so that you can track your success in each geographic location of your mail campaign.

5) Compare yourself to the competition. Clearly outline why your product or service is a better value than the competition. A chart or headline can be followed up with a more detailed comparison.

6) Partner with a complementary company. Add value for your customers by partnering with another business your customer might be interested in. Appeal to the environmentally conscience by distributing digital copies of your mailers so customers can enjoy your fun, valuable mailers on their computers and smartphones.

7) Introduce yourself.  Build trust by including some personal information. A picture of yourself can create a lasting impression. It also establishes a rapport with the customer before they contact you.

8) Share authentic testimonials. Storytelling is a major part of marketing. Satisfied customers sharing their experiences builds a connection with new customers. Adding a picture can make the story even more relatable.

9) Tailor content to fit the customer. The more specific your content is to your customer the better. One example is to create an individualized map. Show the best route from their address to your nearest location.

10) Open with a call to action. Showcase the principal benefits of your product and include a call to action. Grab attention and add the content to back up your claims.

Most importantly do something fun and memorable with your next campaign to help your brand stand out from the next.

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