Shopping Tools That Canadians Love

Like most people around the world, Canadians love shopping! Even more so, we love the idea of convenient shopping. This is why shopping tools are becoming more prominent in the way people make purchases and in the way businesses are choosing to advertise.

The word “tool” is defined as an extension of the human ability. So when we think of the words, “shopping tool(s)”, it refers to things that make a consumer’s shopping experience easier and more convenient. Some shopping tools out there may not be as obvious as others because they have become such a regular part of our everyday lives, and by this we don’t mean buggies at the grocery store. Examples are flyers that are delivered to the mailbox, directly to our front door or flyers that can be viewed digitally on your phone, ipad or computer.

When you think of flyer distribution, it probably brings back memories of your high school summer job. Flyer distribution is more than just a fun paying job. For adults, it is still one of the most preferred shopping tools out there. Many Canadians still enjoy reading through flyers as they sip on their morning coffee. People appreciate being informed of current sales, promotions or new products in a less crowded environment. Many prefer to make a shopping list or know where they can find great deals before heading to retail stores to embark on a day of shopping. Flyer distribution by shared media products is still very much an effective shopping tool. With this method of advertising, relevant information is delivered right to the doorstep and into the hands of the targeted consumer.

Now with the all of the continuing advancements in technology, flyer distribution occurs digitally as often as shared media products. Did you know? “9.4 million Canadians access Facebook with a phone or tablet device daily” and even more so, “Canadians spend 17.2 hours online per week on average.” Currently, the internet is one of the most useful ways to advertise your business and shop for the things that you need. More than half of Canadian consumers prefer to avoid busy parking lots and long line ups by shopping online. If you currently advertise your business with flyer distribution, you’ll want to consider expanding your advertising strategy to digital as well. By doing this, you will increase your targeted audience and reach more potential customers. This method of flyer distribution, like shared media products, puts relevant information directly in front of your targeted audience.

If you’re a business owner and you’re ready to take the next step into getting your business noticed and are looking for a company to help you get started with these shopping tools, get in touch with us! Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) is Canada’s largest and fastest growing shared media products marketing company specializing in the design, printing and delivery of effective shared media products advertising. We help our clients own the mailbox, generate new customers and increase sales. Contact us today to discover how you can reach a local or mass audience for only a penny per household.

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