5 Tips For Using Flyers to Promote a Special Event

Businesses can find many benefits in hosting a special event; whether it is a weekend sale, a wine tasting event, store opening, or even face painting and balloon twisting for children. You’ve probably seen something like this before; walking by a storefront with decorative balloons that catch your eye and make you stop to take a look. A friendly employee greets customers to come in and check out their special event while they pass out flyers. While, the idea behind a special event is not only for fun and entertainment but for business. It can be quite profitable in the sense it attracts new customers as a great opportunity to sell their best products.  

One way to get results from hosting a special event is to first make sure people are aware of it. You could turn to the radio, billboards, or TV to promote your special event. However, these advertising channels tend to go beyond the budget for small businesses. Of course, sharing news by social media has proven to be the new “word of mouth,” and you’ll need a strategy for sharing information via social media without appearing too salesy with the risk of  being “unfollowed”.  

One technique used for many years and still remains one of the most effective ways to reach customers is direct marketing using flyer distribution.

Here are 5 good reasons to use flyers for promotional reasons:

  1. Reach Your Audience Directly

Flyers put information directly into the hands of your intended audience.

  • In-store distribution
  • Door to door
  • Distribution by shared media products
  • Street distribution

While many businesses also benefit from digital advertising and email newsletters, flyer distribution still remains relevant. People like to interact with brands, browse news, coupons, deals, and more.

  1.  Creative Freedom

Every social channel has a certain tone to which you can share information, some require more information and visual media like videos or gifs. Comparatively, flyers allow for much more creative freedom. There is such as broad scope as to how you can offer information with the use of bold colours, images, and fonts.

  1.  Offer Incentives

Flyers give you the opportunity to offer your customers a coupon, voucher, discount code, and other promotional offers.  

  1.  It’s Tangible

This goes back to the idea of putting the information into the hands of your audience. It’s something real and tangible, not just one thing from  the many images they click on online each day.

  1.  Measurable

With the use of a coupon or voucher, businesses can measure the success of their campaign or event. It’s a useful tool to determine ways to improve, things that can be changed to gain better results in the future.  
A well-designed flyer has the potential to provide these benefits to your small business’ special event. However, a poorly designed flyer can actually do the opposite effect. If design is not your forte, it would be worth the investment to get a professional design and print for your flyers. DRMG offers a premium design service, with over 20 years experience and over 75,500 designs created for some of the most successful businesses across Canada. Contact DRMG today to get a quote, and gain the achievement you want for your promotion or special event.

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