Business Development and the Online Frontier


With 80% of the Canadian population online, it is important to stand out. A strong online presence requires: content that is relevant and intriguing; professional yet relatable; and generates audience participation (“likes, shares, and reviews”). Along with the daily tasks of running a business, it is a lot to also manage a well-rounded and regularly maintained online campaign.

DRMG is a multi-service company, specializing in both shared media products distribution and online solution; with the assistance of our digital partner Surround Integrated. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we can professionally setup and manage your online marketing campaign.

Precision Targeter

Don’t waste your marketing budget delivering your message to the wrong people. DRMG uses Precision Targeter, the custom application from Canada Post, to identify geo-demographic characteristics of your customer base to target new and like-minded customers. At DRMG, we offer you a free demographic analysis to help you hit the “sweet spot”.




Reputation Management

With the day-to-day activities of your business, committing hours each day to track online activity is highly unlikely. By having a
reputation management system in place, we can manage and help grow your reputation online. We will keep you up to date on what your customers are saying about your business and help you respond to these conversations.



Social Media Management

Having an online presence has become essential to business growth; it could be argued that social media is now a pillar of any marketing plan. As a result, it is crucial to have an online strategy that presents your services, and brand principles, to the online community. DRMG and Surround Integrated will help you create an online identity, draft content, and manage the daily upkeep required for a successful social media presence.





Authored by: Chadwick Ross (Marketing Services Representative)

Edited by: Shelby Roloson (Marketing Services Representative)


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