Customer Engagement: A Business Guide


Marketing strategies have changed a lot over the past decade. As new technologies emphasize the role and activities of the customer rather than the business. With growing social media use and the rise of online and mobile devices, marketing has shifted towards a more direct approach that relies heavily on customer engagement to connect with their audiences.

By creating shareable, timely, and personalized messages, customer engagement marketing (CEM) is now essential for your business. Customer engagement allows audiences to feel a stronger connection to your brand and in turn creates loyalty. With shareable content, audiences have the ability to freely engage with your content, which creates authenticity, transparency and positive sentiment towards your business.

Brands like Coca Cola have used their social media platforms to create a video that was intended and succeeded in going viral. By creating content for mass amounts of audiences to share, like, and re-post, this is an effective approach for customer engagement.

customer engagement

Denny’s has achieved positive results with what may seem as random social media posts. However, they are fun and personable tweets created with  customer engagement in mind. Rather than just pumping out sales, promotions or business facts.


customer engagement



Customer engagement tactics should be a top focus for every business. Focus on being creative and personable that’s consistent to your brand and you’ll see your CEM improve.  Whether, it’s sending personalized messages to customers after their purchase, or using social media to share new videos, photos, or asking enticing questions.

Where do you start? We’ve put together our top successful tips into a simple business guide to help increase your customer engagement:

Get Personal

90% of marketers see individualized messaging as the primary marketing technique, and so should you. Personalize your marketing material to each customer segment, so audiences feel the message was intended directly for them.

Understand Needs

In order to personalize your message, you need to understand your target’s needs. The purpose and desires you’re trying to fulfill for your customers. You need to recognize buying behaviour and the overall customer purchasing experience to understand why they may choose to buy from you.

Integration is Key

Don’t reply on just one channel to reach your target audience, instead use multiple outlets coming from different platforms with an over encompassing strategy. Whether it be shared media products, social media, out of home and more. This approach will ensure you’re present in the day-to-day activities of your consumers.

Build Loyalty

With a strong presence of customer engagement, audiences will continue to connect and interact with your business if it is accessible and interesting. Building loyalty this way will lead to purchasing loyalty as well.

DRMG specializes in creating content that engages with customers and inspires them to connect back. By creating timely and personalized messages to audiences, businesses see positive success from using shared media products. This is only one outlet of the integrated approach. Be sure to remain active and engaged on other platforms available.

Contact DRMG, to learn more about how we can help improve your business’ customer engagement today.



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