What Are Shared Media Products in Marketing?

If you’re a business owner looking to expand your customer base, increase revenues, or improve engagement, an effective shared media products marketing strategy can significantly help grow your business.     

The advantages of shared media products marketing for your business

Studies show that our brains are more likely to recognize print advertisements than digital ones; 74% of Canadian consumers always or sometimes notice advertisements in shared media products. They give businesses the opportunity to target advertising dollars on those most likely to respond. Our digital age means that consumers are constantly bombarded with emails and other forms of digital advertisements every day. As a result, shared media products is becoming increasingly effective as it employs a more curated approach and is more likely to resonate with prospective consumers.

Shared media products: A unique and personal touch

Effective shared media products advertisements contain polished, and creative copy that emphasize the benefits of the product or service for the consumer rather than listing its features. They tend to employ more personalized content which is written with the target consumer in mind. Often, they involve testimonials and provide a direct call to action to prompt readers to visit the website or use a coupon in store. As well, graphic designers take into account the use of images, white space, and font styles to ensure the result is attention-grabbing and easy to comprehend.

How targeting your ideal consumer can help grow your business

Targeted direct mailing lists tend to generate the best response rate. Whereas the old formula for direct marketing success was mass marketing, businesses have now changed their way of thinking. Rather than wasting money and effort on mailing flyers and brochures to uninterested or irrelevant audiences, many are finding that a more targeted approach is more effective. Because targeted mailing lists pinpoint your best leads, there is a lower chance of your content being promptly dismissed and ending up in the trash. This means a higher percentage of prospects responding to your shared media products content, which translates to greater engagement, higher sales, and a growing customer base.

Identifying and understanding your audience

Determining your ideal audience is key in creating an effective shared media products strategy. The more methodical you are in creating a direct mailing list, the more likely your campaign will be successful. While knowing the basic demographics of your audience is fundamental, having a more thorough understanding of their behaviour such as purchasing patterns, lifestyle habits, and attitudes towards trends can be immensely beneficial.

In order to optimize your coop direct mail marketing campaign, it’s important to ensure you are reaching your target demographic. We ensure you get the message to the right audience for your business rather than wasting your budget on the wrong people.

Direct Response Media Group offers a free Demographic Analysis which enables you to target consumers around a location, by area, or based on a desired audience (such as age, gender, income, or education).

Contact us for more information about our shared media products marketing services and how we can help grow your business.

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