How Shared media products Redefines Target Marketing

Reaching out to your customers using target marketing lets your business start a conversation with your core audience group. Your business can better identify which demographic segment is most interested in your product or service. This distinction is not only a more effective approach but also cost effective –  you won’t be spending larger budgets on mass marketing trying to reach a wider audience.

So how does shared media products redefine target marketing in the GTA?

  1. A Neighbourly Approach

shared media products in the GTA, whether city or suburbs, often works around neighbourhoods. Unlike online target marketing, shared media products in the GTA can connect your business to the people around you.

  1. A Personal Approach

If you choose to use shared media products as an introduction to your GTA neighbourhood then it’s important to add a personal touch. Use pictures of yourself or your employees (with permission of course). You can also include maps to your business in relation to local landmarks.

  1. In the Home

Mail is physical. That means your shared media products – like a restaurant menu – can stay in the homes of potential customers giving your promotion more interaction and high rates of engagement. This sets shared media products apart from other, shorter lasting target marketing approaches.

  1. Benefits Focus

One of the biggest advantages to shared media products in the GTA is your ability to demonstrate value to your customers. Including a discount, a coupon for in-store redemption, or useful tips keep potential customers engaged with your marketing campaign.

  1. Creativity

shared media products also gives you an opportunity to get creative. Benefits can go beyond coupons or other incentives. A pen or a fridge magnet might be useful to your potential customers. Ask yourself what image would entice my customer? Or what message would be simple to recall? Develop a design for your shared media products campaign that will become a part of your customer’s top-of-mind awareness.  

  1. A Call to Action

Always include a call to action in all your marketing initiatives. Whether it’s using an incentive or directing your customer to fill an online form, or another channel to redeem the promotion. In either case include a clear, direct, and easy call to action. Be sure to detail any time constraints or limitations.

  1. Updating Your List

shared media products campaigns usually focus on initiating engagement, your business can use this information to curate your mailing lists. With the resurgence of shared media products in the GTA, it’s best to vary your distribution to reach your top tier customers. By focusing on relevant customer information you are more likely to achieve a higher response rate.

Always update your customer database. Keeping your list updated regularly will help keep track of customers who have moved out of the neighbourhood or potential new ones.

  1. Testimonials

Testimonials are a great feature for any shared media products campaign. Using genuine quotes – not advertising slogans – can help build a direct link to your customers. People take testimonials more seriously if it comes from their peers or neighbours, building transparency will validate your product or service substantially.

shared media products in the GTA helps build a more personal relationship with your customers. Useful and physical marketing gives this type of campaign staying power and incentivizes engagement with your business. With some creativity and the right attitude, you can expand your business by reaching the people most likely in need of your products and services.

If you want to reach more customers using shared media products, contact DRMG for a free estimate and target market analysis in your area.

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