How to Discover your Target Audience in minutes

Target marketing can be a very useful tool in promoting your company or brand, creating new business and driving sales. By aiming your marketing at specific groups of customers, it can save you money and time, and get your company’s information into the hands of the people your business is trying to connect with.

Shared media products marketing is a vital tool for your company to use to further your marketing strategies.

According to a report, the use of integrated shared media products and digital campaigns garner 39% more attention than digital campaigns alone. If you’re looking to reach more customers for your business using shared media products marketing, contact DRMG-Direct Response Media Group. Our precision targeter is the perfect tool to make sure your message gets to the audience.

#1 Customer Segmentation

Identify who your important customer groups are and who should be on your mailing list. Customer segmentation is essential to marketing, it’s an excellent tool that divides a customer base into smaller groups based on identifiable traits (such as age, interests and spending habits). By using this system, you are effectively allocating your marketing resources to the markets that would find your products or services the most beneficial.

#2 Create Target Groups

Take the information you gathered in each customer segment and break those into target groups. Analyze your target groups to find their demographics, geographic concentration and media tastes. Also, identify any other factors or characteristics that can help you decide who should be receiving your marketing materials.

The old formula was to mass market and send materials out to as many potential clients as possible. The new strategy of hyper-target groups saves money and gives a larger percentage of prospects who will potentially respond to your mailing efforts.

#3 Look for Trends

Examine your current customer database. See if you can spot any saturated areas of customers. What are some identifying trends among the group? Can you duplicate these trends elsewhere? Take any new information and apply it to areas with the same lifestyle elements as your pre-existing customers. You can then manipulate your marketing materials to suit the needs and wants of your ideal customers.

#4 Customize Your Message

Each of your top target groups should have a distinct and different messaging to match their lifestyle. Again, your message should be aligned with the data that you have already obtained, so you can customize your marketing towards their values and preferences. These messages should then be delivered to the customer base in a way that’s effective and in line with how they respond to advertising.

#5 Analyze Your Results

Always strive to improve. Marketing strategies need constant analysis, adjustment and enhancement. Track of your efforts to see what is working and what isn’t. By measuring how your customers are responding, your marketing strategies will only get stronger, and eventually, it will become easier to predict and forecast shifts in your target market.

Don’t underestimate what shared media products marketing can do for your business and marketing strategies. Contact us the team at DRMG to get started!

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