Tips & Tricks: How DRMG Creates Marketing Offers

Offers, deals, discounts, coupons, and promotions are all great ways to increase conversion rates and boost sales. All of these tactics are examples of direct marketing offers. These marketing offers can benefit your business by attracting attention and profitable customer action, and they’re both easy and affordable.
If you’re a local business or publication looking to stand out in your community or an e-commerce shop trying to drive more traffic to your website, marketing offers are a great vehicle to help increase sales and brand awareness. From coupons, discounts, promotions and deals on merchandise or services, DRMG creates customer pleasing marketing offers that are bound to grow conversion and generate sales. Here’s how:

Direct Mail Flyers

DRMG’s direct mail flyers are an effective way to reach targeted audiences through custom offers designed to resonate with your customers. Flyers are sized two ways: postcard and letter size. They come in a variety of styles, including the popular Direct Flyer Postcard and 3 Panel Flyers. Colour matching, attractive graphic design, and artistic layouts are a few of the many features that come standard with each campaign. DRMG can help you design a flyer that accurately reflects your business so that you can get the attention of customers in your area.

Ad Save Magazine

Ad Save Magazine is a hyper-localized marketing offer with a long shelf life, a trusted consumer resource for its effectiveness and reach. This marketing offer features a full-colour glossy magazine for a high-quality presentation. Backed by standalone distribution by Canada Post to 100% of all residential mailboxes. DRMG blends creativity, unique layouts, and appealing design with bold, strategic offers to quickly attract attention and drive traffic to your business. With an audience of over 1.2million homes per quarterly issue, Ad Save Magazine is a valuable marketing offer with a large reach.

Money Saver Envelope

DRMG’s Money Saver Envelope is a Cooperative Shared media products Envelope packed with a mix of ads from national, regional and local advertisers. This promotional magazine is delivered by Canada Post 11 times a year, containing local deals and coupons for neighbourhood favourites. Printed on high-quality paper, the service is offered in a variety of sizes: standard insert, envelope cover, and 3 or 4-panel menu. The magazine is packed with consumer benefits like money saving ideas, sales, coupons, and contests. Money Saver Envelope is a consumer favourite in many neighbourhoods and stands as an effective way to reach your customers.

DRMG creates many customizable marketing offers for your business, which are demonstrated across a variety of platforms. Our team has a wide range of shared media products flyers that can accommodate any business. We’re able to tailor unique business strategies to fit your needs, create customized graphics, persuasive copy, and call to actions to get your customers buying. Start your marketing offer today, contact us for a free quote to reach more customers in your city.

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