Valentine’s Day Marketing For Small Businesses

Savvy businesses are taking advantage of holidays like Valentine’s Day. But to do so effectively means identifying shopping habits and consumer profiles.

You may be surprised to learn that while most people will purchase something on Valentine’s Day, it won’t necessarily be for their significant other. Statistics show that consumers will spend money on themselves, friends, family, and pets, with men spending more than women. Plus, few have strong preconceptions about what they will purchase. So, there’s a large opportunity to capture their attention with Valentine’s Day marketing.

Know The Valentine’s Day Opportunities

Whether you want to see if you can position your products as gifts, or prefer to use the holiday as a theme for your next marketing campaign, it’s important to watch how Valentine’s Day purchases are shifting. According to Statista, the top categories for gifts are, in order:

  1. An evening out
  2. Romantic getaways and other
  3. Flowers
  4. Jewellery
  5. Candy
  6. Clothing, accessories and personal care products
  7. Greeting cards
  8. Other

The “other” category grew significantly in 2017,  compared to 2016, while jewellery and an evening out became less popular. These trends indicate a small shift away from the most traditional gifts to more unusual choices, which means that even if you don’t sell traditional Valentine’s Day products you may be able to market your products as Valentine’s Day gifts.

Online Promotions for Brick and Mortar Vendors

Online promotions are a great way to entice Valentine’s Day shoppers for both small and large businesses alike. There is an ever-increasing trend with customers choosing online retailers for their personal shopping. Leveraging this behaviour allows businesses to target more potential customers and segments. As Valentine’s Day gets closer, there is a big push toward integrating shared media products and online promotions for more to reach last-minute shoppers.

shared media products & Email Marketing

One way to engage customers for the romantic holiday is through shared media products and email marketing. The key is to craft a Valentine’s Day offer that will grab the recipient’s attention. Valentine’s Day shared media products engages potential customers at home with tangible mailers to redeem in-store or online. Email marketing efforts in the retail sector have an average 31 percent open rate, which is a large increase compared to the industry’s average on open rates and click-through rates (CTR).

Small businesses can take advantage of the opportunity of savvy Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns and techniques, but to do so requires an understanding of the market trends. Reach out to the experts at DRMG if your small business is looking for advice or support. Contact us or call 1-(866)-993-0600 to speak with a professional marketing consultant today!

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