Top Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow

The marketing world is always moving forward finding novel strategies based on new data, changing consumer trends, and improving technology. But which of these trends should you follow, or more importantly,  invest your precious marketing dollars in? Here are the most promising trends to keep your eye on and to consider whether they are right for your company and strategy.

Big Rock Content

Companies have certainly aimed at big rock content before, but they may not have called it that, and we’ve only recently realized this type of content can bring in a major return on investment (ROI). Essentially, the idea is to make content so valuable that your audience must look at it. It’s like throwing a big rock into a pond!

Big rock content takes a big investment. You have to pour resources into it because it has to be very high quality. If it can change perspectives or alter your industry, that’s a good sign… You’ve found your rock! Or, it can be newsworthy. Consider Nike’s Breaking2 campaign. They followed three marathoners trying to break the two-hour marathon mark, a famously difficult feat. The campaign reached millions of people.

Your “big rock” doesn’t have to be that big and thankfully,  it doesn’t have to be just one piece of content. Instead, you can leverage your single groundbreaking effort into smaller pieces of content that you proliferate over multiple mediums and platforms. This strategy can make your investment go further.

Video Content

Speaking of mediums, video has arrived at the content marketing scene and it is here to stay. Video gets high engagement, especially on social media platforms, and can express your message in a very palpable way for your audience. Video feels authentic.

To get going with video you need skilled people who know videography, audio, and of course you’ll need a new video strategy. This investment in new skills or people can provide you with big ROI. If you find an opportunity to use live video, use it! You’ll receive even higher engagement, including ten times more comments and according to Facebook, you’ll see viewers watching for three times as long.

Curated Newsletters

Curated newsletters are an answer to the extreme amount of content your audience is sifting through every day. In a way, a curated newsletter is like a big rock, because it offers very high-value content. But, instead of producing it (or, along with producing it), you collect the content and serve it to your audience.

Curated newsletters get high engagement because the audience is interested in the topic. It routinely serves high-quality content and is easily shared without relying on social media platforms. You can start your own curated newsletter, or you can seek out a popular newsletter in your industry and aim to get your content featured on it. Perhaps with a big rock?

At Direct Response Media Group, we’re watching the latest trends in content marketing so you don’t have to. If you’re ready to shape your message and reach your audience, contact us. We’ll even help you design your campaign for free!

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