Why Google Analytics Is Important For Your Marketing Efforts

It’s well-known and free, but don’t underestimate Google Analytics. It’s not a secret, but few people are using the tool to its full advantage. When used right, Google Analytics empowers your business to make better marketing decisions online and offline. It’s not just about total page views and bounce rate – they are important – but Google Analytics offers so much more.

Gain Real Insight About Your Customers

Monitoring your website’s aggregate traffic is nice, but you can delve deeper into Google Analytics. The tool displays your visitors’ gender, age, country, interests and much more. You can gain crucial and very valuable information that can drive your marketing and your business strategy in the right direction. Consider if you find most of your traffic is from mobile devices, you should spend more resources structuring your mobile site. If you discover that a significant portion of your traffic is from a community you don’t currently serve, maybe it’s time to expand.

Do you know what’s bringing that traffic in? The tool also expanded its services to show you if social media, email, paid search, organic search, or even referrals are bringing in more traffic to your website.

Look at Your Lead Generation

Google Analytics also gathers information about your lead generation. It can keep track of online form submissions and email newsletter sign-ups, providing you with the same insight as it does about your general traffic, but in tracking their progress through the sales funnel. This can tell you who’s making that all-important step from looking at your site to really interacting with your business.

How successful are your marketing campaigns? Google Analytics easily displays these important metrics on its interactive dashboard. Unlike other programs, it can create highly visual reports in tables and graphs. Not only does this help you understand your data better, but it can explain an idea to a team member, or provide analytics to clients.

A Content Marketer’s Dream

Content marketing isn’t just about how many views a piece of content can get. There are also quality metrics to consider. How long do your users spend reading your content, or on different types of copy? Is there a specific topic or form that generates more leads? Google Analytics can tell you and guide your content strategy, pushing your business forward.

How Google Analytics Works For Shared Media Products Marketing

It’s easier to test marketing strategies on the web than on paper. With Google Analytics, you’ll immediately know when you’ve found a winning strategy. Let your insights and your online successes determine your shared media products strategy! Combining online and offline strategies make for a seamless experience for your audience; it increases engagement and continues the customer journey online after a shared media products campaign gets their attention. At DRMG, we can help you develop an integrated strategy on both channels for a successful marketing campaign. Contact us or call 1-(866) 993-0600 to speak to a representative today!


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