3 Essential Influencers For Your Next Shared Media Products Campaign


Your customer’s mailbox is a treasure chest of goodies and gems. In order to have your shared media products advertisement shine out from the rest, you’ll need to combine these 3 essential design components. Give your campaign a major appeal to potential customers and create a long-lasting ROI for your business:


Your shared media products piece is your first impression for potential new customers. If your ad is a design flop, you can kiss those leads goodbye! Clean design is always on trend, make it easy to read, bright, dynamic and modern. As seen in Freshii’s bowl’d breakfast campaign, the designers have used negative space to their advantage. There are no overlapping elements, and they give the images the opportunity to speak for themselves. Beautiful photography is the main event, and we bet it has you salivating. As an added design bonus, Freshii has created offers that are easy to follow and repeat branding. Let the ROI roll in.


Your headline will be the emotional pull that your customers see. You want your headline copy to resonate with your potential customer so that it is themselves they see using the product. The headline should not be a product, service or specific solution; it is the higher purpose for which customers products, services, and solutions. Basically, your headline should describe the task that customers want to achieve. As we see in S&B Property Maintenance, the ad speaks to the desire to have time off, and to relax. This pulls at the potential customer’s emotions and offers a solution to their desire. Hey, we might even take them up on their offer!


Traditional and digital media shouldn’t have to live apart. Utilize digital integration with your shared media products campaign in order to stretch the reach of your piece and drive users to your website to make purchases, book appointments and so much more. Take a look at CRS Automotives latest shared media products campaign. This campaign utilizes the power of Google reviews to enhance trust signals. Potential customers are now directed to their Google location page and have the opportunity to review their website. We love seeing traditional and digital media working together in harmony.

When you combine these elements in your next shared media products campaign, you are sure to attract the attention of new customers. Don’t be a hidden gem in your customer’s mailbox, shine through to be the main attraction!

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