Connecting The Dots of Your Marketing Campaign


A successful advertising campaign comes full circle with DRMG.

Creating an efficient advertising campaign is essential to your overall ROI. When you follow these important steps, your campaign will have increased response rates and generate new customers!

Hit Your Target

Start by targeting your ideal audience. Choose from any of our 442 co-op publishing zones, all hyper-locally targeting your customers! Plus, choose to go solo and custom-target a specific audience.

Design To Attract

Guaranteed to optimize your campaign performance, our in-house design team guarantees compelling Shared media products & Digital Ad designs that increase overall campaign performance and click-through rates.

Deliver To Your Audience

Deliver your advertisement directly to your audience’s mailbox with Canada Post’s largest neighbourhood mail customer, DRMG. Then, combine your efforts in the physical mailbox with a digital initiative where your consumers are connected 24/7.

Gain Insight

See exactly how your ads are performing, learn about who you’re attracting and adjust your strategy to improve. You have the power to identify where you can improve and adjust. You can continue to optimize your strategic initiatives and grow your business faster!


With over 150 publishing dates annually and solo any time options you can be sure to be seen when and where and as often as you want to be seen!

Let’s Get Started Together

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