5 Ways To Maximize Your Shared media products Budget

Whether you are a small or large business, having your finger on the pulse of your marketing budget is essential. Your business should be focused on your overall ROI, and when it comes to shared media products, we have the solutions to help you do just that. Take a look at our top 5 tips to maximize your shared media products budget:  

1. Use a co-op sharing shared media products publication

With co-op shared media products publications, your advertising cost is shared by mailing with local, regional & national advertisers in one single mailing. This allows you to distribute to your ideal customers at a fraction of the price of mailing your advertisement individually. DRMG offers a wide range of co-op shared media products products that are delivered to hyperlocal zones in your city. Get the biggest bang for your buck today!

2. Target ONLY your ideal customers

The targeting of your campaign is essential to its success. If you are not targeting your ideal audience with your shared media products campaigns, you are simply wasting your money. With precision targeting and hyper-local zones for your mailing, you will be able to pinpoint your ideal audience through demographics and census data. Never blanket target again!

3. Measure your metrics

If you want to get more out of your marketing dollars, you are going to need to understand where they are going and how they are performing in the first place. With DRMG Insight, you will be able to track all of your marketing efforts in one easy-to-use platform. Once you start gaining new leads, take a moment to review the quality of the leads and the overall success of your campaigns. Using the plethora of information you gain from the Insight platform, you will be able to create smarter campaigns that use your marketing dollars effectively.

4. Give them something good

We’re not just talking about your amazing services or products. A good offer will always entice your potential customers. When your offer is well crafted, it can even reactivate old customers. Use your offers to ensure that your shared media products piece cuts through the competition and gives you the best ROI.

5. Use a company that helps you design your shared media products piece

Hiring a design company can be daunting and expensive. When you are planning your shared media products campaign, pick a company that helps you plan your campaign from start to finish, INCLUDING design. At DRMG, we help you plan, design and deliver your shared media products campaign, and it’s all included in your overall cost!

No matter the size of your shared media products budget, DRMG will help find you the perfect solution to help you gain more leads and create long-lasting customers.

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