Canada Post strike is causing serious harm to Canada’s small and medium businesses


OAKVILLE, ON, Nov. 16th, 2018/CNW/ –

With the announcement that the latest global offer is “not good enough”, Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) is calling on the Government of Canada to intervene and end the continued strike uncertainty at Canada Post.  

“This continued strike action at Canada Post will result in huge losses for small and medium-sized businesses across Canada in this critical holiday shopping season.” said DRMG’s CEO, Jason Bradbury.  

Small business represents more than 30% of Canada’s GDP and employs nearly 50% of the country’s workforce.  

For over 15 years, DRMG has been helping Canadians save, businesses grow and neighbourhoods thrive. DRMG has built their business with a commitment to being On Time, On Message and On Target. Customers are having a difficult time negotiating the challenges their businesses are facing as a result rotating Canada Post strikes, whether due to delays to the delivery of their products or missed expiry dates for their shared media products offers. In addition, small businesses rely on up to 50% of their cash flow by getting cheques in the mail.  They are losing money and wasting resources.

DRMG is Canada’s largest shared media products marketing company helping over 17,000 small and medium-sized businesses across this nation generate business and retain customers.

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Direct Response Media Group (DRMG) was founded in 2003 and is one of the largest direct marketing companies in Canada. DRMG reaches over 5.5 million unduplicated households monthly via the Money Saver Magazine® and the Money Saver Envelope®. Our total circulation annually of 175 million homes in solo and shared mail products. DRMG inspires customers to action with a powerful mix of targeted shared media products and digital campaigns. We expertly combine the physical experience with integrated digital options.

To have a discussion with our Founder and CEO, Jason Bradbury, about the effects of this strike on Canadian business or for commentary, please contact:

Rania Walker, PR & Media Relations

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