6 Marketing Trends that will Grow your Small Business in 2019


As 2018 draws to a close, it is time to start seriously considering what marketing tactics your business will invest in for the New Year. Each year, we see the need for integration and personalization grow, but there are some trends that just might surprise you. Take a look below at our list of the top 6 marketing trends set to make waves in 2019:

Shared media products For A New Generation

As the digital market becomes more and more saturated, millennials are craving a break from the digital space. Shared media products delivers on millennials craving for tangibility and physicality. Top internet brands such as Casper, Harry’s, Hubble and even tech giants Amazon and Google, are investing heavily in the traditional marketing platform.

Influence Of Social Proof On The Rise

Reviews make the world go round. More and more people are determining whether or not they will use a business or service based on the reviews they find on the internet and through word of mouth. Embrace your community both online and off in order to gain positive reviews. Customers hesitate more if there are zero reviews for a business and are influenced quicker when there are positive reviews to support a business.

Video Over Everything

We have seen year after year, the increase in video stats and the decline of still image engagement. Google found that 70% of consumers watch videos on their way through the buying journey. Make video a priority in 2019 and don’t get left behind.

Content Remains King

Content marketing allows your customers and prospects a new way to connect throughout the buyer’s journey. This tactic helps a company to create a wealth of knowledge and relatable content pieces as an extension of their themselves. Content marketing will keep your business relevant amongst your prospects and existing customers, build trust and help you convert more leads.

Shopping Listings

Online shopping listings through Google are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Each Google search for a product brings with it a wealth of shopping listings from e-commerce stores across the world. These listings typically present themselves on page one of your searches, if your e-commerce business isn’t advertising through shopping listings, you are missing out on prime real estate and prospects in the market!

Greater Personalization

Catering to your audience’s needs is essential to creating a marketing message that works. When you speak to an individual’s particular needs the likelihood of connecting with your prospect is much greater. Create specific messaging that relates to a customer’s demographic, psychographic and behavioristic traits.

We hope or top 2019 marketing trends help shape your campaigns in the New Year. Contact DRMG to start planning your marketing campaign today!

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