Event Marketing: The Top 3 Strategies to Use

The venue is booked, the date is set – all of the details are finally coming together. As a business owner, event planning can be a major undertaking. At the same time, all of your hard work can pay off in spades; by standing out among your competition, getting people talking about your business and most importantly, skyrocketing your profits.

The reality is though, no matter how big or intimate your event is going to be, planning is essential. In fact; proper planning can – and will – go a long way.

Ready to get started? Here are some of the best marketing strategies to use during your next event.

Be socially savvy

Social media is an incredibly useful tool to promote your event. Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the platforms that will give you the results you need and allow you to succeed every step of the way. 

A few weeks before the event takes place, give people a ‘taste’ of what they can look forward to by writing short ‘teasers’. You may even start trending! This is a great way to get people through the door and to really create some buzz around your business and its offerings.

The best part of all? By using social media to market your event, you’ll strengthen your presence online by gaining new followers, generating engagement and impressions.  Not to mention, when your event is said and done, you can use social media to keep your attendees engaged with new promotions, future events, flash sales, etc.

Create a unique landing page

This is your opportunity to tell people exactly why they should come to your event and what they’ll get out of it! A page created specifically for your big day with all the necessary information can also be a great way to send prospects to your website.

Don’t forget to optimize the page with registration information (make a link where people can easily register), directions to the venue, logistics, agendas, etc.

Leverage the power of shared media products

Shared Media Products can play a remarkable role in the success of your event before it even takes place.

With inboxes becoming full of junk mail on a regular basis, inviting your guests through shared media products can help you truly get noticed. Best of all, this form of event promotion will allow you to actually target the audience you want to reach – such as narrowing down your guest list by a specific postal code, along with a certain travel route, or within a certain age range based on a household.

And once the event is over, shared media products can come to your rescue once again. You can impress your guests even further by solidifying your brand, thanking them for coming, and keeping your business and product offering at the top of their mind.

Just like any aspect of your business, event marketing requires focus and preparation. By using a combination of all three strategies listed above, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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