Identify Your Ideal Target Audience With Ease

A high-quality shared media products marketing campaign takes time. Like any form of marketing, the process should never be rushed, and details – large or small – should never be an afterthought.

Your company’s marketing efforts are also more successful when they are directed to a specific group of people that will resonate with your messaging and engage with it. This is where your target audience comes into play – and the importance of understanding who your prospective buyers truly are. 

So, how can you target the right audience and get the most out of your shared media products marketing campaign?

Here’s how it can be done.

Gain perspective and use it wisely

Before you can target your audience, you must define exactly who your customer is. This involves doing a little bit of digging and making sure you think strategically about the customer’s point of view.

Where do you live and work? What are your buying habits and preferences? As a customer, what sort of values do you have?

All of this information is extremely valuable – and will allow you to quickly understand who currently benefits from your product or service. You will also be able to understand if it’s best to target a similar group of potential customers or head in a different direction for future marketing efforts, down the road.

Remember: the more you know and are able to uncover, the better. Page performance, website analytics, and sales data are great resources. Social media is also an invaluable tool that will offer plenty of insight into your current customers’ demographics, geographic location, education level, etc.

Research your competition

Do any other companies offer comparable products and services to yours? Is the price point the same, or substantially different? When it comes to marketing, what are they doing more effectively?

Likely, you know who the big players are that compete against you. But what about the underdogs? Do some research online and uncover the companies that aren’t on your radar; be sure to browse their webpages and social media pages.

This will help give you a clear picture of your ideal audience and who you are (and aren’t) targeting at the present time.  

Utilize and make the most out of Precision Targeter

Take the guesswork out of your next shared media products campaign by using Canada Post’s free online tool, Precision Targeter. By using interactive maps and demographic data, this platform allows you to plan and execute a Neighbourhood Mail campaign by targeting the right people in specific neighbourhoods.

Each user is able to choose from fourteen different demographic categories including driving distance, household age, and income. You can also make adjustments to the route or demographic categories based on your business and budget goals. And for even more convenience, you can utilize the built-in shipping tool – EST Online.

Whether you want to send flyers, postcards or free product, DRMG can help you target addresses that have the most potential for short and long term success.

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